Why Use a Travel Advisor?

With the rise of online booking engines, travel blogs and social media, it can be daunting to know where to get started when you are planning a trip. The sheer amount of information (not to mention misinformation and outdated information) can be overwhelming. And after the last year of cancelled plans, changing regulations, requirements and worries, travel has become more complicated, just as it has become more in demand than ever. An experienced travel advisor can help you navigate these complexities and uncertainties.


Experience and Knowledge Matter

Your Time Matters

It can take hours to research and plan for even a short getaway and you have a life to live. Beyond that? I believe that the knowledge you go into a trip before your departure with greatly influences how much value you’ll get out of the trip while you are experiencing it. Curated travel doesn’t mean rigid or overly-scheduled travel, it means that your time is valuable and planning ahead means you can use it the way you want to.



Your Money Matters

Travel advisors are an investment, one that helps you get the most not only out of your time, but also your money spent. Travel is one of the biggest-ticket items you’ll spend on. Just like your personal financial planning and budgeting, vacation planning means you get to decide ahead of time what matters most to you to spend your hard-earned resources on (and helps decide where you can save!).

Your Peace of Mind Matters

Before, during and even after your travels, you have someone in your corner to help with any issues or questions that may arise — big or small.



Personal Connection Matters

You are not an algorithm. You deserve someone who will listen to you, value you, and help design your travel with your unique sensibilities, history, and needs in mind, instead of an impersonal computer that is more dedicated to the highest (advertising or marketing) bidder than to you. Plus, you have a real, actual human who knows you and your trip plan each time you need assistance. And even better? The more trips we work on together, the more I get to know about you and your travel style and quirks!

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