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Work deadlines and Zoom calls and baseball games and feeding the dog and minivans and permission slips and date nights and homework and working from home and snack time and bedtime … anyone else already overwhelmed today?

From singlehood to married life to single with kids or married with kids, or empty nesting — each new season of our life is busy. The ingredients of each day may change, but at the end of each one, we so often feel the days and years slipping away.

Chronicle Travel Company believes in taking your time … back. Take the time back from the busyness and the work and school and appointments. Take the time to breathe, to have fun, to laugh together, to sleep in (or get up early!), to make memories with the people you love, and even memories with new friends in new places.

No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, we believe that what matters is the time you are spending with others and the memories you are making. We know that your vacation time is special — both unique to you and your needs, but also unique to your own life.

You only get so many vacation days a year, so let’s make it count.

Take the time.

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As a mom of two, I understand how valuable those moments are together with your family.  I also realize how overwhelming it can be to try to find time to plan and research where to go and what to do when you have all of life happening. I am here to help customize and curate a great vacation for you and your family – not the family next door, but one that is uniquely yours.


Intentional time together is essential to every healthy relationship. Honeymoons, anniversaries or even weekend getaways all provide a chance to get away for a time to a new (or known!) place and learn more about your partner. I’m here to help find that one-of-a kind fit for you to do just that.


More than ever, friends can be the family that you choose, and there’s no better way to grow closer to your friends than with travel. Whether you just want a quick beach vacation with a swim-up bar at the pool, or you’re headed across the pond to discover Europe with your best friend, I’m here to help you build the trip that will build memories for years to come.


Booking Services

Personalized reservations, bookings, and changes are taken care of.

With the invention of the internet (for better or worse), anyone can book their own travel, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best way to plan your travel. One search can send you down a rabbit hole of thousands of options that can be instantly overwhelming. I work together with my clients to find out what is most important to them, to help choose a destination, resort, hotel, transportation and price point that fits just right.

Custom Itinerary Planning

You leave home with a detailed, personalized travel plan.

You and your travel needs are unique. Maybe your friend’s family went to the same destination that you’re going to and has lots of suggestions – but are those the right things for YOUR family? From your departure day to your arrival, your itinerary and plans should reflect your priorities. Clients who choose custom itinerary planning will get detailed information from start to finish, clarifying each step (without making you feel overwhelmed).

Trip Management

Someone’s got your back every step of the way.

From the research phase to booking and planning and then actually enjoying your trip, you need someone in your corner. I am here to make sure you never forget a final payment, never wonder where to meet your airport transfer driver, or where to get insurance coverage. If something goes wrong (big or small), I am here to help you navigate the issue, through my expertise and supplier relationships.

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Complete the Travel Inquiry form to tell me all about your perfect trip.


Maybe! But that’s not my primary goal. If just getting a “deal” or a cheap vacation is what you’re looking for, I’m probably not a good fit for your needs. I believe that the best vacation is one that is a good value for your money — which may not necessarily be the cheapest possible option. I will always work to provide the best possible value for a client within a budget that is reasonable for both their needs and wants and the cost of travel.

Absolutely not — unless you want it to. In my experience, a relaxing vacation means different things to different people. Most people like to travel with a general outline and a flexible schedule, usually including a couple of “must-do” items each day, with the rest of their time left to figure things out as they go, or make changes. But some people thrive on routine and expectations and would rather know where they should be at each minute ahead of time. Still others shudder at the thought of having to make any sort of appointment or reservation at a specific time. I am happy to work with you to create a trip and itinerary that considers what type of plans are most relaxing to you and your travel party. And if your party members have different opinions on that, don’t worry! We can work with that, too.

My planning and design fee is based on the length of stay, customization and curation requirements and itinerary needs. Most trips are around $150-$275, and fees are communicated before planning or booking begins.

Yes! Just send an email to get more information on what we can offer for your incentive group, destination wedding, family reunion or group getaway. We can do large or small groups, but we specialize in small groups of 5–10 rooms.

Ideally, I recommend starting your trip inquiry at least 6–8 months prior to your intended travel dates, though it’s certainly fine to get started after this. Last minute travel (started less than 45 days prior to your travel) will incur an additional planning fee surcharge. In order to make sure every client is given exceptional service, last-minute trips may not be able to be accommodated during busy seasons.

No problem, leave it to the pros! We’ll chat about what is important to you about your trip and make a few suggestions for destinations or types of travel that may be a good fit. Once you choose one, we’ll get started on the planning and booking.

In most cases, we are unable to book using points.  If you want to book your own travel using your points but still want assistance with plans and itinerary building, contact me for a customized itinerary-only quote.